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Stefan couldn’t help but smile against her lips when she felt her smile against his. There was something about her, something about being with her right now, that very moment, that made everything feel so perfect. None of his other relationships had ever really been serious. Well….his relationship with Rebekah—he didn’t even know if it could be a relationship. It was really just sex. Stefan would be lying if he said that he hadn’t had feelings for he, okay maybe he had loved her….but he knew that for the blonde it hadn’t been more than a way to rebel against her bat crazy older brother. At least that was how she’d made it seem. But being with Katherine felt different. Granted, they’d only met each other a few days ago…but Stefan could already tell that Kat and he clicked on a different level. He could feel what they had going beyond the physical element of things, it was an emotional connection, like they were kindred spirits. God she was cute. Stefan couldn’t help but laugh when he did, finding that it was absolutely infectious. He was absolutely hooked on Katherine Pierce. When she came out of his grasp he watched her go, observing as she found his shampoo and came behind him to wash his hair. There was something so soothing, so intimate about this situation that made him close his eyes and enjoy her fingers massaging his scalp. And her kisses against his skin was just icing on the cake, making him smile and hum content as he leaned back to rinse his hair. With her words Stefan chuckled lightly and bit his lip, peeking an eye open at her. “I grew up learning Italian since that’s where my dad is from.” His brother Damon would always tease him because he was old enough to remember living in Italy for a few years and he couldn’t. Stefan had been too young to remember. “French was more my mom’s thing.” He smirked over at her when she said she didn’t know which one was sexier. “Well, I’ll just have to speak them both a lot so you can answer that question now won’t I?” Stefan responded softly with a light grin. When she came to stand in front of him, instinctually his hands rested on her waist, keeping her close as she lathered him up once more. They didn’t need to talk he realized. Just looking at her, admiring her as their gazes locked…it was all they needed. He rinsed and stood to his full height now, feeling her push back his wet sandy locks before he felt her lips. His eyes closed and a warm sensation washed over him. He brought her closer to him, humming softly against her lips because of how good this felt. It was the beginning of something new, and something amazing.

He pulled away just a little until they were nose to nose, opening his eyes. “Let me wash you up,” he whispered softly, pressing another soft kiss to her lips before he pulled away. Stefan walked over carefully and cracked the door, reaching out and grabbing a washcloth. He grabbed her body wash, opening the cap and taking a whiff of the sweet smell, remembering the scent from her skin after he’d kissed and sucked on it, before smiling and going back to the task at hand. He rinsed the cloth under the water, making sure it was soaked before he squirted a good amount of her body wash into the washcloth and lathered it up. As soon as it was soapy enough, Stefan stepped behind Katherine slowly, kissing her temple. He started at her neck first, pressing a few soft, sensual kisses to her skin before he began washing her neck, pressing another one to each of her shoulders before he washed them next. He held up her hair before she held it, not wanting to get it all soapy as he washed her back. He bent down and washed the back of her legs, and the curve of her ass before coming around to face her. Stefan smiled softly, slowly washing her chest, her breasts, his thumb grazing against her nipples as he washed. Her stomach came next, then her knees and legs…and then finally the most important part to wash. He prompted her to spread her legs a little, his eyes locking with hers as he slid his hand up her thigh and to her core, washing it completely and slowly before caressing it. He was tempted to slide his fingers inside of her, he wasn’t going to lie. But he didn’t want this to be all sexual. Yes they were on a time sensitive schedule but they were having a moment. And he wanted it to last. Stefan couldn’t, however, resist leaning forward and kissing her sensually as he touched her. He gulped thickly and slowly slid his hand away, pulling his lips away just a little as well. She even looked sexy covered in suds. “Did I miss anywhere?”

Katherine smiled when she heard Stefan’s sounds of approval as she let her fingers loose in his hair and it only made her reward him with more of her sensual kisses against his skin. Just by staring at the back of his head as she washed his hair she knew that Stefan was grinning wickedly at her comment and in turn it caused her to do the very same - It was hard not to smile when Stefan was around, she was going to need a surgeon to remove it from her very lips with the way she was going. But to hell with it she loved having a reason to smile again and that very reason was Stefan Salvatore. “So, you just happened to learn the really dirty words then? For moments like these?” She grinned, resting her chin against his shoulder and nuzzled into his neck. “Would it be too much to ask for a translation? For educational purposes of course.” She teased trying to sound as nonchalant as possible yet she knew the smile in her voice was evident. “Well, I’m certainly not going to complain about that..” She could imagine it now, coming back to their dorm after a busy day and there he was talking to himself in Italian or French on purpose only to acknowledge her and continue to mesmerise her with these amazing, sexy, pantie ripping words. God it was too much to even think about. When she turned so she was standing in front of him, his hands automatically went to rest on her curves that seemed as if they had been moulded for them to sit there and her face lit up. She loved it when he touched her, even if it was a slight brush of his fingertips against her inner wrist or holding her hand. She craved his touch, hell she craved him in general.

Their eyes were fixated on each others. Brown melting in to green. Their bodies pressed together, lips just barely touching. Stefan’s words brought her back down to earth, she had helped groom him and now it was her turn and her body shuddered with anticipation at what was to come. “Okay..” She whispered in response, watching as he opened the door a little so he could reach for a cloth - Katherine had half expected him to return the favour and wash her hair but this was going to be something new. With the shower door being open it let in some fresh air causing her to shiver slightly, her nipples to harden for a completely different reason and for the hair on her arms to stand on end. Obviously they had been wrapped up in each other’s body heat for so long that they had adapted to it and the cold just wasn’t welcomed in the slightest. As Stefan opened the cap on her body wash the smell of strawberry hit her straight away, it was sweet and light and Katherine loved to use it - Not to mention it kept her skin full of moisture and kept it as soft as a baby’s. Katherine closed her eyes as Stefan’s lips began to trail slowly up the side of her neck, she couldn’t help but lean in to him as he would wash away the kisses with just the gentle glide of his hand. Her breathing quickened the moment she felt the cloth descend down to the backs of her thighs and over the curves of her bare cheeks - He was just inches away from her core. Surely he wouldn’t? But he didn’t. He moved so he was standing in front of her and began to wash her upper body, when his thumb grazed her nipple she let out a soft moan knowing that if he continued like this she was most likely going to jump his bones all over again. God how could he make her feel like this? She felt like a yo yo. Was she coming or going? Was she insane or sane? He had her all frazzled and by God did it feel amazing. Her eyes followed his nimble fingers as they continued to glide down her skim, further and further down her body till it was travelling along her inner thigh. Her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip whilst her eyes immediately met his knowing just where he was going to travel next - He totally would. She spread her legs slowly and felt herself melt the moment his fingers touched her there - Katherine wasn’t going to lie, the sensation of the soapy suds against her core mixed with the warmth of Stefan’s fingers was to die for. Her hands immediately rested on his shoulders, head tilted back, eyes closed. “Oh My God.." She moaned in her native tongue only for his mouth to meet hers - She kissed him in return, letting their tongues massage the other. Nothing could ever be as intimate as this could it? Could they continue to explore each other in new ways, keep the other on their toes and keep them begging for more? Katherine wanted to find out. She had to find out. As his hands and lips pulled away she reached out to steady herself on the wall suddenly feeling dizzy, her cheeks reddened. "Um.. I.. No.. No..” Blushing furiously she began to stutter and trip over her words. “I think you got everywhere..” She breathed. After a moment of staring at him breathing heavily Katherine moved under the shower and started to wash herself as if Stefan wasn’t even there - Her hands moved over her body slowly, running over her shoulders, arms, breasts, stomach, legs. Katherine continued to do so until she felt as clean as possible despite all the filthy things they had just done together and the current tingling sensation she was experiencing from Stefan’s very touch. She must have been wet as he ran his hand over her core - Wet with their aftermath. Wet with desire even now. She reached to turn the shower off behind her then took Stefan’s hand and led him out of the shower. “Fuck it’s cold..” She laughed once they were stood on the bath mat - Katherine reached for her towel and wrapped it around herself and gave Stefan his, she wrung her hair out with her hands and dried it roughly with another towel. “I better get ready…” She whispered, moving so she was only inches away from his lips. their bodies pushed together again. “I hope that you’re going to think of what we just did every time you shower alone.” She let a fingertip trail down his chest and stomach. “And wish that I was in there with you…making you speak Italian all over again.” She smirked, her fingertip now creating an invisible line from hip to hip. Leaving him to stand there Katherine then turned on her heel and moved towards the door that led to her bedroom, she gave him one last look over her shoulder before entering and closed the door behind her only to rest herself against it. Had that just happened? Jesus. She was in serious trouble. This boy was going to hit her hard. After a couple of moments of letting the freshest of memories roam free in her mind like a movie she finally convinced herself to get dressed so she could begin her exploration of the grounds. She and Stefan would have more time tonight after the scrummage (as Stefan called it) when they were going to be having their first date even though they had had sex twice and slept together once. She was looking forward to him cooking for her and perhaps he would even teach her how to do something so she didn’t feel totally useless, although she knew that whenever she was going to be in the kitchen she was going to have a different trail of thought seeing as what had just happened in there. She smirked to herself with happiness as she dried and curled her hair - Once applying make up and getting dressed in to her usual attire which was a pair of skinny jeans, a top, black boots and a denim jacket Katherine put on her scarf and left her bedroom already starting to feel the ache in-between her thighs. She was going to be black and blue later. It was all worth it.

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✣ <—- Leave this in my ask if you want to see an AU where our characters are pirates together

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Song based AU’s


 The A Team: Muse A is an addict who makes music for a living, while muse B is the posh kid from a rich family. When muse B birthday comes his/her parents hire muse A to entertain the guests, but as the party comes to an end muse A and muse B are already fond of each other.

Angel With A Shotgung: muse A is a troubled kid (could be addict, rough past, a nerd who gets bullyied, all of them, whatever you want) while muse B is an angel designed to protect him/har. As they get to know each other, they fell in love, so muse B has to chose, wings or love.

♣ The City: muse A is a small town girl/boy who moves to New York to try to succeed as a journalist. Muse B is the well known editor of the New York Times. When muse A finally gets an interview with muse B they connect immediately. Even though, muse A must understand that there’s no time for love in the big city.

 $TING: Muse A and Muse B are in a toxic relationship (like Sid and Nancy) They go clubing, partying and all the recklessness you can imagine. But gradually money starts to vanish, their love becomes more possesive and aggressive. In the end muse A ends up killing muse B in a cheap motel room.

Dear God: Muse A is an important executive that travels around the world and is never home. Muse B is his recently acquired boy/girlfriend. They send letters (or e-mails) to each other while muse B is away.

The Struggle: muse A was a nerd in high school, while muse B was the popular kid. A few years after graduation they find each other working for the same company. They secretly hated during high school and now that they are competing from the same job they’ll do whatever it takes to bring the other down.

Emma: Set in 1960, muse A is a good girl. At only 17 she’s an honor student and plans to get a scholarship in Oxford. But then she meets muse B, a 25 year-old man with millions of dollars in his bank account. What happens when this stranger burst into her life? Will she give up her dreams for the glamour that he offers?
In the end muse B is actually married with children but nobody knows and muse A finds out in the worst possible way (optional).

The Wire: Muse A and muse B have been emailing each other for over six months but, even though they are a both curious about the other’s appearance they have never met. They start to push each other and set up several meetings, but in each of them one of the muses always backs up and studs the other up. Will they ever get to see each other?

Skin to Bone: muse A is a werewolf who’s family got killed by hunters. Muse B is a serial killer hired by muse A to help him/her find the responsibles for the murder and kill them.

Somewhere Only We Know: muse A and muse B, two characters that are afraid of commitment, have a series of encounters with no compromise in the exact same place once a year, (perhaps a certain spot in Paris). But this time, both of them want something more out of their meetings.

We Must Be Killers: Muse A and muse B are vampire hunters (or any other supernatural creature) and go from town to town killing monsters. But at some point muse A gets possed by a demon. In the end muse B can either kill or save muse A.


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College!AU {littlemissfiercepierce}


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His touch was soothing, the way his fingertips would softly glide up and down her wet skin made her want to just stay stood like this with him forever getting lost in the sensation of his warm hands against her. As the water ran down her body the wave of pleasure that she had just felt started to course her body in a whole new way, she could feel her skin sting from the scratches that Stefan had left against her skin, feel the marks that he had left against her neck with his lips - Her legs and arms ached and she felt slightly sore at her core but hell it was all worth it as it was obvious that they just had the type of sex that lasts even days after. Katherine smirked because of Stefan’s response to her statement, He was trouble and in his mind it was the opposite way so it seemed only right when he said that they could both be trouble together which seemed more fitting. She closed her eyes when she felt his finger underneath her chin - When he brought her head up to look at him then she opened them and was greeted with his warm, kind face and those eyes that would forever be imprinted in to her mind and heart, those eyes that looked at her as if she was the only thing in the world that mattered. She felt herself blush and smiled against his feather soft lips as he pressed them against hers, giving her a taste of gentleness that she had been without for a long time. Katherine couldn’t help but compare Aleksander to Stefan as he was the only other person she had been with, Stefan was everything that Aleksander wasn’t and what she saw in Stefan is everything that she had wanted in a guy. She knew that Aleksander was scum and that she was glad she would never see him again after what he had done to her but she realised it even more now that she was being treated like anyone should be treated when it came to this. Katherine knew that she wasn’t Stefan’s girlfriend but she wanted to be his and she wanted him to be hers as it was obvious now more than ever that they had a strong connection and that they couldn’t not be in each other’s world now that they had both collided. She wondered if he felt the same, would he ask her? Should she ask him? Would now even be the right time? 

Katherine laughed when he nipped her lip which caused her to playfully poke him in the side before letting her arms drape over his shoulders again, her fingers lost in his hair. “I guess you’re right..” She whispered in return, feeling his lips brushing against hers. Her heart was racing all over again and she didn’t know how she was going to survive. When he nudged her nose she smirked and did the same, her hands cupping his face as she laughed. She pulled away gently and smiled at him warmly, turning around so she could locate his shampoo in the small rack on the wall. Katherine picked it up and opened the cap before squirting a generous amount into the palm of her hand and put it back on the stand, she turned so she was facing Stefan and smiled, lathering up the shampoo in her hands as she then moved to stand behind him and massaged the product into his hair. This was truly an intimate thing to do for two people who had only just entered each other’s lives but in all honesty it felt good to be like this, it felt right as if she had known him for years. She let her fingers massage his scalp as the shampoo completely covered his head - Katherine leant forward and pressed a light kiss against the back of his neck, making a trail of sensual kisses along his shoulder as she moved him gently underneath the shower head and began to rinse his hair - The shampoo started to wash away, falling down her arms and her body as well as his own as she helped wash his hair. “So…you speak Italian huh?” She said with a smirk, kissing just underneath his ear, running her hands down his arms and over his chest. “I’m trying to make my mind up what is more of a turn on…French..or Italian.” Katherine grinned to herself before she turned around again and reached for the conditioner, only using a small amount this time before letting her hands loose on his hair all over again but this time she moved so she was standing in front of him as she reached up to wash his hair. Katherine remained quiet for a moment and simply looked up at his face for a moment as she let her hands do the work, Hell they didn’t even need to say anything to each other and she knew they were having an intimate moment - Their eyes did all of the talking. They were melting in to hers, his beautiful green eyes that she was going to end up dreaming about for the rest of her life. Katherine rinsed his hair again and brushed it back with her fingertips then leant up to kiss him again softly. The moment they touched her heart began to beat wildly inside her chest, screaming to be released from the cage that she had placed it in so she couldn’t get hurt again. Stefan was breathing life in to her, he was the good that she thought she would never see in her life again - Katherine was falling for him. She was falling in love. And it was the most amazing thing in the world.

College!AU {littlemissfiercepierce}


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Hey everyone, It’s been a long time since I have been on here properly so I guess I’m just giving people a heads up. I have been in two minds as of late as whether to delete this seeing as I do not write with anyone save for one amazing person right now. I love that thread and right now it’s the only thing that is keeping Katherine alive for me right now. I no longer watch the show and it’s not going to change sadly. However I have had this account for nearing two years now so it would be a shame to call a day on it. I’m going to give it another chance so if anyone would like to write with me then just let me know or send me a starter for me to reply to Or if you really want just like this for a starter. :) Any fandom, anything I do not mind. Although if it is about any TVD event based after 5x11 then I have absolutely no idea what you’re going to be talking about :’) So right now it’s mostly Season 1- early season 5 or AU (which I prefer mostly but will do either :) )  Please. Help me get my muse back!! :)

College!AU {littlemissfiercepierce}


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My Most Recent Mass Effect Play through - Garrus and Shepard

College!AU {littlemissfiercepierce}


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{ M!A : Belle }


When Katherine latched onto his wrist to drink from him, he could have sworn she was taking him to a whole other world. It was almost as though his feet weren’t even touching the ground. His pleasure from this blood sharing was almost overwhelming to him, it was almost as good as their sex but it wasn’t quite their yet. But then that led him to thinking about bloodsharing during sex. If he continued these thoughts, they wouldn’t ever leave the airport. Then she was pressed up against him, and those thoughts were back once again. In that moment, he wanted nothing more than to push her up against the the dirty bathroom stall and give them both what they wanted. When he was about to act on his impulses, she pulled away so he did so as well. Ric kissed her with all that built up desire he had, cupping her cheek in order to further deepen the kiss. But when things were about to get out of control in the stall, Katherine pulled away from him, teasing him by only slightly giving room between their lips. “We should probably not bloodshare in public unless we want a bunch of people listening in on us,” he confessed wrapping his arms around her waist, bringing her closer to him. Alaric almost groaned as she dragged them out of the stall and back out into the airport. Right when they exited, they got strange looks from the people there but all Alaric could focus on was Katherine and how their lives were about to change. Grabbing onto her hand, he interlaced their fingers, dragging them to waiting area. “I can’t wait to travel the world with you,” he leaned in and whispered in Katherine’s ear. 

Katherine could tell that Alaric wanted more than just a blood exchange in the middle of a bathroom stall. But she wanted to keep him waiting, it was more fun that way. Katherine smirked over at him and returned his kiss, pushing him up against the side of the cubicle and kissed him hard. She gave a little shrug. “Who cares? I can always compel them to forget later..” She whispered against his lips. “Do you not find this exhilarating?” She asked, her voice slow and sultry. “That we’re doing this…when anyone could walk in and see just what we are up to?” She kissed his bottom lip, catching it in-between her teeth - Her eyes flicked up to meet his as she tugged before she pulled away again.

She noticed that people were looking at them strange, but she really adored the attention that they gave them both. Katherine smirked. “They’re jealous.” She laughed only for him to take a hold of her hand and drag her off to the gate where they were going to wait to get on the plane. She smirked as he whispered against her ear and laughed. “You’re going to have the time of your life.” She breathed against his own ear. “Don’t expect to be taking it easy, we’re going to do everything…see everything that there is to see. And life life to the full.” She smiled and nibbled on his ear lobe before she began to kiss his neck, not caring about there being other people in the area. After an hour of waiting their plane was finally boarding and on they both went, they were sat near the front of the pane - Once they were up in the air Katherine sat back in her seat and looked over at Alaric before smirking over at him. “Ever been a member of the mile high club?” She teased.