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He couldn’t help but chuckle at her questions, because they almost felt innocent. He mindset was so 1864 and his bad changed since then immensely. “We don’t have maids anymore, nobody does. We just do everything ourselves. And clothes are much more comfortable.” He began explaining. “But if you need any help washing up I can help you.” He told her. He knew she had a lot to learn and he was willing to help. Why? He had no idea.

"Once you get washed up ill give you another bloodbag and answer all your questions." He promised, looking down at her,.

Katherine scrunched up her face in disgust. “Everything ourselves? Ugh.” She looked away, Katherine was great at adapting but this. To suddenly have a maid to not have one at all. Especially with the clothes that she wore. Corsets. Ugh. Suddenly Katherine smirked. “And Corsets? Please tell me that someone decided to burn such an infernal thing.” Katherine looked around and picked at the straggly ends of her clothes. “You’re going to help a girl out of a dress and into a hot shower? Well you certainly work fast Mr Salvatore.” She said with a light hearted chuckle, she’d only been alive five minutes and already she was giving some of her allure. 

Katherine’s face returned to normal as she looked around and sighed, pulling her shawl from her shoulders and placing it down besides her. She had questions and she needed her answers. Katherine stood up with a grimace finding that her whole body ached. She leant on Stefan to steady herself. “I’ll take that bath now..” She whispered hating that she was having to rely on someone but if it had to be anyone she was glad it was Stefan.


Her saying that he trusted him, in her state and the way she said it made him believe it. Maybe in other circumstances he wouldn’t be right now he did. About an hour if silence went by before he had pulled into a driveway of a nice small house. Once that would be a decent size for a small family of three or four. He got out of the car and walked over to Katherine’s side, opening the door and slowly scooping her into his arms once more, taking her inside the place. He had owned it, so him allowing her inside wasn’t a problem.

He brought her up to one of the bedrooms, laying her down gently. “A lot has changed” he began explaining. “I can help you…shower or bathe if you need it.” He said honestly. He knew that things were much more modern and bathrooms weren’t even a thought back then. So he was willing to help her in that way, as well as others when the time came.

Katherine was too eager to trust Stefan she knew that now but what other choice did she have right at that minute? She was far weaker than she was used to and right now her life was in his hands and Katherine wanted to make it out of this alive. If it really had been over a hundred years since the night they had gathered up all the town Vampires and she had been royally screwed over by the Lockwoods then God only knows what Stefan thought of her. He could be planning on killing her for all she knew, wanting her death at his hands himself. But the Stefan she knew wasn’t like that - He couldn’t hurt anyone. But whether or not him becoming a Vampire had changed that she didn’t know.

The thing that they were travelling in came to a halt and Stefan left before coming to her side and pulling her out, scooping her up in his arms once more. They were now in a house and from what Katherine could see things were certainly a lot different now than they had been back in 1864. There was a strange black box with a pane of grey glass that sat in the centre of the room with all of it’s chairs facing it as if it was providing the entertainment. What was it? It was only when he brought her to one of the bedrooms and laid her down that she took a proper look at the man before her. Stefan’s hair was stuck up in a strange fashion yet he shared the same face that she had fallen in love with. His clothes were strange, a jacket made from leather? and his pants were strange a long with his shirt. “What kind of clothes are they?” She asked before looking around. “I would like to bathe… and change my dresses. Do you have a maid..?” She looked around and then smiled to herself grimly. “There are no maids in this age is there Stefan..?”


The silence was comforting, knowing that soon there would no longer be that. He would have to help her adapt to life, answer her questions, help her feed, and so on. Not to mention if and when Damon found out about him finding Katherine first, he would have to deal with the headache of him, but right now it was silence and he couldn’t help but feel comforted by it.

The silence was interrupted by Katherine’s startledness by her surroundings. She was finally figuring out that everything was much different than it was when she was taken away and thrown into the tomb. “We are in the year 2014. I will explain everything soon. We are almost somewhere safe where you can get cleaned up and regain your stength, and also where I can answer your questions. You jus have to trust me” he said, his voice remaining calm.

To say Katherine was shocked was an understatement. Her wide brown eyes remained locked on Stefan’s profile as she tried to take in what he had just said. The year was 2014?! But it had only been 1864 or maybe 1865 when she had last thought about it? Katherine grasped the material of the seat as she tried to listen to Stefan’s reassurance that he would answer her questions once they were at this destination of his choice.

She had missed over a hundred years of life. So much could happen in that amount of time that Katherine couldn’t comprehend it. She had been in that tomb for more than just a few months. What changed would there be now in this day and age? Obviously people rode around in odd contraptions and no longer used the need of a horse. She tried to remain calm, her breathing was all that gave her true feelings away as she found herself breathing abnormally like her heart was racing. She had to do what Stefan said, soon they would be there and he would take her to be cleaned up. Did they still require handmaidens at this place? Katherine nodded before she looked over at him and shakily began to whisper. “I trust you.”


When he heard her utter his name, he looked over for a moment, glancing at her in the darkness. She looked awful compared to how she usually had looked in front of him. To him, she looked beautiful though even all dirty and weak. He was just so used to her always looking so pur together. “Yes it’s me.” He said calmly, keeping his eyes on the road in front of them.

"I’m taking you somewhere safe." He explained. "Where nobody will be able to find or hurt you. So I can help you." He told her, taking one last quick look at her, not being able to help it. He was in so much shock that she was here with him, in his car after so long. He had pictured their reunion differently. Like him possibly staking her for all she had done. But even vulnerable enough for him to have the opportunity to do that to her, he couldn’t. He couldn’t bring himself to kick her while she was down.

The sound of his voice flooded through both of her ears bringing her an immediate warmth that settled in the pit of her stomach. He really was here, he had found her and it wasn’t a dream or just a cruel hallucination brought on by the loss of blood. They had passed long ago. Katherine looked over at him and smiled softly, her corset was suddenly becoming too suffocating as she had come back to her usual proportion yet if she breathed hard enough the fabric would probably cave in on itself as it was that delicate. With a nod of her head Katherine realised that right now she needed to let herself rest for a moment and try to regain more of her strength while Stefan led her to safety and away from the crazy townsfolk that had put her in the tomb in the first place. Of course there were many questions on the tip of her tongue but she was in no fit state to ask them and really take in the answers he would give however she had listened to the sounds of silence for too long and before that only those that belonged to anger ridden Vampires wasting their strength on arguing with each other until they were too weak to even bat an eyelid. She needed to hear his voice.

A few minutes later and Katherine opened her eyes and began to sot up properly and was rather startled with what she saw. “What the hell?!” She cried. What was this? This thing that they were sat in that Stefan seemed to be manoeuvring? Katherine began looking around out of each sheet of glass only to see tree after tree yet the world was taken over by darkness and she couldn’t see it’s true form. How long had she been in that tomb? Alarm bells were sounding in her mind, with wide eyes she turned to face Stefan. “How long was I there Stefan? What year is it? What do you call this?” She gestured at the very thing they were travelling in.


When he felt her hand grab onto his and slowly saw her come back to life before him, well - vampire life, his eyes widened. He never thought this day would come but it’s here, she’s here. And he genuinely didn’t know how to feel about any of it. The last time he had seen her, he had been confused big time and then killed. After he was in transition and finally turned, realizing all of the compulsion, lies, an manipulation she had done and said throughout his somewhat short time in knowing her, his hatred clouded any love he had for her.

However, after all this time of being able to recover emotionally and adapt to the creature he now is, he didn’t know how to feel or how he wa supposed to feel. But he knew right now he just needed to get her out of here. The spell wouldn’t last forever and he needed to get somewhere safe, so he carefully picked her body up and got her out of the tomb, not saying a word.

He made his way through the darkness of the night to his car, where he laid her and then began his drive to the place he had set up knowing the Boarding House was not an option, especially with Damon there.

She knew that she had seen Stefan’s face she was sure of it. Katherine could feel herself slipping in and out of conciousness but she held on for as long as she could - Katherine remembered someone scooping her up in their arms and carrying her over the threshold out of the tomb and up some steps. She felt so very light in his arms as if she was a child being carried to safety only to be lifted into a carriage. Or at least she thought it was a carriage - She had never heard a horse make such a noise as that and it seemed as if they were travelling at such a high speed.

Katherine kept her eyes closed as she remained laid across where Stefan had placed her in the carriage. It was embarrassing for Stefan to see her in such a way when she always made sure she was always looking her best. Stefan had come for her, he knew that she hadn’t died and was here and he had saved her from a fate worse than death. “Stefan..?” She called out “Is that you..?” So far he hadn’t said anything to her but she knew the outlines of his face when the light had graced his features that she knew even after the time she had spent slowly dying. 

Slowly she was regaining strength but she was still severely weak and Katherine hated it - Damn that George Lockwood. He had gone back on his word and thrown her in that tomb with the rest of the Vampires. She was going to enjoy ripping him apart when she got her strength back - Stefan had chosen to be a Vampire and he had come back to her, he hadn’t given up and here she was. She knew that they would meet again little did she know just how much the world had changed around her.

Stefan and Katherine | A New Start


Over one hundred years it had been now. One hundred years being Katherine-less, taking in all that happened, all she had done…all that had happened with Damon and Katherine. The lies, manipulation, compulsion….it was overwhelming even now to think about it. But even with all of this, he still found himself making his way toward the tomb Katherine was in, to rescue her.

He had found out Damon’s plan to save her a few weeks back and quickly took action, him finding a way first and also preparing a place for her to stay after the fact, knowing the Boarding house was off limits. He knew if he let Damon save her, something would get in the way ad they would probably both end up stuck in there. And he wanted to see Katherine first, for some selfish reason.

Once he finally had reached inside, he quickly looked for her and it didn’t take long before he had found her body. Her clothes from 1864 completely worn out, her hair a mess and her skin a dark shade of brown. She was seriously in need off blood, which luckily he had. He had brought a single bloodbag, which was enough to bring life back to her skin and maybe even enough for her to open her eyes and way a few words, by not enough for her to try an escape.

He put the bloodbag to her lips and fed it to her, his eyes firmly on her, waiting.

For Katherine time was no longer a concern she had lost track of the days, weeks, months, years even centuries long ago. She was simply drifting in limbo and had been doing for over a hundred years but of course she wasn’t to know even that. Her perfect shade of olive skin was cracked and had lost all of it’s moisture, her beautiful curls were nothing but long strands of coppery strands that looked delicate to even touch for if they would break with the slightest touch. But of course that wouldn’t happen anytime soon. Every Vampire in the tomb had stopped moving years ago, they were propped up against the stone walls looking like fossils. It didn’t hurt so much any more at first it had been excruciating to slowly wither away and not have the essence of life that she so desparatley craved.

Katherine lay propped up against a stonewall, her once slender fingers now shrivelled and bony resting in her lap. What remained of her dresses were now ridden with age just like the rest of her as if she was merely an old puppet in a museum. She didn’t even flinch as light poured through the tomb, no one moved or made a sound as Stefan entered with the life essence that every single Vampire down here craved more than anything. The moment the blood was near her Katherine felt herself awaken - Her entire body pulsed to the point it hurt - She begged. Begged for blood and it was as if her prayer was answered as the blood passed her lips. Slowly her body began to regain it’s former strength but only very little. Her hands that had laid stiff in her lap for years suddenly raised up to latch on to Stefan’s arm to hold the blood bag in place.

Once she had almost finished the bag her skin began to regain it’s colour, her breasts filled her dress as her curves returned - Finally her eyes blinked and she saw a face that she hadn’t seen for a long time - Katherine was most certainly disorientated and it took her a moment to adjust to what had happened whilst every part of her felt glorious whilst she ached all the same. “Stefan..?” She breathed, closing a weak hand around his wrist.

Kalijah AU: A regretful Elijah returns to Katherine (post season 4), but she’s not happy to see him.

true love is not real unless it’s returned.

Favorite lines in This is the End.

Up in the Clouds

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Up in the Clouds by Darwin Deez

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Diner AU : Run : bluexeyedxsatan


Vincent wanted to get out of town for a while, it was starting to get boring to him. The same thing happened everday, someone died. But it wasn’t his fault this time.Vincent takes his keys off his pants loop, unlocking the car doors of his 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. He smirks to himself as he got into the car, he loved his car. Even though he didn’t techincally buy it. He chuckles and put the key in the ignition, twisting it lightly to the right. Hearing the car crank made another crack of smirk hit his lips.

Vincent must have drove for hours until he came up to this diner. He blinks a couple times until he mind had decided that he wanted to turn into the parking lot.Vincent pulled into a parking spot, seeing only two cars were actually in the parking lot not including his. He turns off the car, pulling the keys from ignition as he places them in his pocket. Once he made his way into the front door of the diner, he glanced up at the bar seeing a waitress sitting behind it and then a woman sitting at a booth near the door looking drained, drinking coffee. He made his way to the bar, ordering coffee. Coffee to him was a substitute for blood when he wasn’t craving it. He sat at the booth and glances back at the booth where the girl was sitting, he narrows his eyes at her until he was taking out of his trance by the waitress setting the coffee in front of him and saying it was on the house.He smirks and winks at her, he had a charm about him that stunned almost every woman he ran into. He didn’t mind it sometimes but sometimes he just wished that every woman would just stop seeing him as a handsome man and just the monster that he was inside.He took a sip from the coffee cup as he gazed back at the girl again. He felt that he needed to go sit with her but he was very hesitant about it. He had finally got the guts to get up and sit down in front of her in the booth. “You seem to need someone to talk to….am I right?”


The smell of coffee flooded her nose, it was pure bliss - The steam rose up to caress her cheeks instantly bringing her complete warmth. She was thankful for a moment to sit down and just think. It certainly beat driving in constant anger going over and over the things that she had just seen and done. Katherine was too busy drowning her sorrows by staring into her cup of coffee that she hadn’t even noticed the little bell chime at the entrance to the diner meaning t hat someone else had just walked right on in. It was only when a voice, deep and masculine rang through both of her ears it brought her from out of her trance. The first thing she noticed about his appearance was his bright blue eyes, they were beautiful that Katherine found her breath caught in her throat. He was pure male, gorgeous and yet there was something about him that cried out mystery. She raised her eyebrow at his assumption. Yes he may be beautiful but he was also rather full of himself to assume that she needed someone to talk to even if he was right.

Not only was he arrogant but he had invited himself to sit down in the booth across from her. Slowly Katherine reached inside of her purse and wrapped her fingers around the can of pepperspray that she kept safely in the bottom just in case strange men like him decided to make her their next challenge. Katherine had already dealt with one guy tonight. Now she was going to have to prepare herself for another? Katherine didn’t let anything show on her face that she was clutching onto the can for dear life. She was already exploring her options of grabbing her bags and making a run for it towards her car. “Wrong.” She said with a flash of white teeth. “I was quite fine by myself until you interrupted my trail of thought.” She said with a small smile. “Let me guess. You think that Im a sad lonely little girl crying over spilt milk and that you can prey on me with those steely blues and big biceps of yours and expect me to be wrapped around your little finger? Don’t get your hopes up.” Katherine had no idea where this was coming from but right now she wasn’t in a mood to be screwed over even if it made her sound rude. “There are ten other booths here too by the way.”